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Komponenter & Accessories



Bag dump station
– available in different sizes (Ø540, Ø790, Ø950)
– manufactured in mild steel or stainless steel AISI304
– beside the standard version, there is also a version for ATEX-enviroment with mechanical limit switches available
– on request also available with integrated filter

– Available in diameters from Ø350 to Ø1550 mm
– Made in mild steel or with parts in contact with the product in stainless steel AISI304
– Suitable for ATEX-enviroment and/or resistant to underpressure (-0.6bar / 400mbar absolut)
– On request without inlet for application with bag dump stations
– Optional: different kinds of reducing spigots

Reducing spigots
– Suitable for connection on MIX filters and hopper
– Also possible with smooth spigot to be welded to the flang or for Jacob-type connetion
– In painted carbon steel or AISI 304

Centrifugal dust separator
To be mounted between pre-separating hopper and Filter, it generates the following benefits:
– A cyclonic effect that helps divide air,  dust and other particles
– it improves the efficiency and life time of the filtering elements
– it supports the collection of the waste product into the mobile dust collection tank

Mobile dust collection tank
– available as a single item or already mounted to the hopper
– made in mild steel or stainless steel AISI304
– suitable for ATEX-enviroment and/or resistant to underpressure (-0.6bar / 400mbar absolut)

Flat-bottom sweep discharge
– available in diameters from Ø540 to Ø1100 (on request also Ø1300 and Ø1550)
– manufactured in mild steel or stainless steel AISI304


– available with motors from 0,75kW to 11kW for airflow from 3600 to 10.800 m³/h
– manufactured in mild steel and painted in RAL9006
– for applications in ATEX eviroment complete with marking CE (Ex) II -/3D Ex h IIIB T135°C -/Dc X
– on request also positioned on the side of the filter

Flow control valve
– allows to regolate the airflow at the  outlet of the ventilator
– available for all ventilator sizes
– manufactured in mild steel, zync plated

Pressure reducer
– allows to adapt the pressure of the air supply to the correct working pressure of the filter
– improves the efficency of the cleaning and the life of the filtering elements + reduces the air consumption
– complete with pressure gauge, which allows real time monitoring of the actual pressure in the air tank

Visual pressure differential
– shows the pressure difference between dirty gas and the clean gas side
– equipped with a graduated visual scale that allows correct reading
– enables the user to quickly evaluate the cleaning condition of the filtering elements, without performing a maintenance

– the sequencer KQKG regulates the cleaning of the MIX filters by controlling the pneumatic valves installed inside the body 
– for ATEX applications complete with marking CE (Ex) II – / 3D Ex h IIIB – / Dc X
– on request complete with integrated pressure differential cleaning

Filter base
– manufactured in mild steel painted RAL9006 or stainless steel AISI304
– starting from diameter Ø540 all base rings areequipped with a safety grid, to protect the filtering elements from falling down